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Are you listening to Bad Friends Podcast? Perhaps you’ve done so only recently after seeing the show in your favorite podcasting app. If you’ve never had a chance, now is the time to give them a listen! They have made a lot of great content, but don’t forget that they would be nothing without their merchandise. Check out all the above items to learn more about their mouse pad designs and whether they are the right choice for someone like you!


The Bad Friends Mouse Pad is a great way to maintain your desk clean and organized. The mouse pad has a large surface area, so you can easily work on your desk computer. The mouse pad is also machine-washable, so it’s easy to keep clean.


All items are perfect for use with any computer or laptop. Whether you are working on a document, browsing the internet, or watching a video, this mouse pad will help keep your desktop clean and organized. The mouse pad is also great for use in conference rooms or any other area where a large surface is needed.

If you are looking for a quality mouse pad that will help keep your desktop clean and organized, look no further than our Mouse Pad!

Design Ideas

If you’re looking for design ideas for your next mouse pad, consider a podcast-themed one! There are so many great shows to choose from, and they all have different designs that would make great mouse pads. 

It has images of all the main characters from the show on it and is also made out of high-quality materials. Either way, choosing a mouse pad based on your favorite podcast will give you some great design ideas!

How to Buy

If your computer has a mouse, you need a mouse pad. Mouse pads are essential for keeping your mouse moving smoothly on its resting surface. There are many different types of mouse pads, so it can be hard to decide what to buy. Here are some suggestions for choosing the right one:

-Think about how often you use your mouse. If you’re mostly using your computer at home, then a basic mouse pad will work just fine. But a more advanced mouse pad may be necessary if you work in an office with lots of desks and tables.

-Consider how large the area of the pad that your mouse will rest on is. Some mice click better when they have plenty of room to move around. Other mice require less space and can be used with smaller mouse pads.

-Take into account what material the pad is made from. Some materials are smoother than others and may be better for reducing friction between your mouse and its resting surface. Silicone and vinyl mouse pads are some examples of this kind of material.


If you’re seeking a fun way to spend your free time, check out the Bad Friends Podcast Mouse Pads. These mouse pads are filled with interesting facts about famous people and events and funny stories and memes. Whether you’re a fan of this podcast series or want to buy something funny, these mouse pads are sure to please. So what are you waiting for?